Ashwagandha Beadlets

Ashwagandha Beadlets Withania somnifera, also known as Ashwagandha, Indian ginseng, Winter cherry, Ajagandha, Kanaje Hindi, Amukkara in Tamil and Samm Al Ferakh, is a plant in the Solanaceae or nightshade family.

Many closely related species like Withania coagulans (Dunal) – Paneer dodi, Ashutosh booti (Sanskrit, Hindi) are morphologically very similar to the species.

Ashwagandha Beadlets Scientific classification
Kingdom : Plantae
(unranked) : Angiosperms
(unranked) : Eudicots
(unranked) : Asterids
Order : Solanales
Family : Solanaceae
Genus : Withania
Species : W. somnifera
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