Lactic Acid Pellets
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Lactic Acid Pellets

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Lactic acid, also known as milk acid, is a chemical compound that plays a role in various biochemical processes and was first isolated in 1780 by the Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele.

Lactic acid is a carboxylic acid with the chemical formula C3H6O3.

It has a hydroxyl group adjacent to the carboxyl group, making it an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA).

In solution, it can lose a proton from the acidic group, producing the lactate ion (specifically an anion due to being negatively charged with an extra electron) CH3CH(OH)COO−.

Compared to acetic acid, its pKa is 1 unit smaller, meaning lactic acid looses its proton ten times as easy as acetic acid does.

This higher acidity is the cancequence of the intramolacular hydrogen bridge between the α-hydroxyl and the carboxylate group, making the latter less capable of keeping its proton tight.

Lactic Acid Pellets Systematic (IUPAC) Name Lactic Acid Pellets Identifiers Lactic Acid Pellets Chemical data
2-Hydroxypropanoic acid
  • CAS number : 50-21-5, 79-33-4 (L), 10326-41-7 (D)
  • ChemSpider : 96860
  • ChEMBL : CHEMBL330546
  • ATC code : G01AD01
  • Formula : C3H6O3
  • Mol. mass : 90.08 g/mol-1

We supply Lactic Acid in pellets form and granules form. Our Lactic Acid Pellets can be used in a variety of Pharmaceutical applications like It can be used in tablets and capsules.

We also offer Sustained Release(SR) / Immediate Release (IR) and Enteric Coated (EC) Lactic Acid Pellets.

Umang pharmatech has the capability to manufacture Lactic Acid Pellets of various particle sizes.

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