Mefenamic Acid Pellets
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Mefenamic Acid Pellets

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Mefenamic acid is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat pain, including menstrual pain. It is typically prescribed for oral administration. Mefenamic acid is marketed in the USA as Ponstel.

Mefenamic acid decreases inflammation (swelling) and uterine contractions by a still unknown mechanism. However it is thought to be related to the inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis.

There is also evidence that supports the use of mefenamic acid for perimenstrual migraine headache prophylaxis, with treatment starting 2 days prior to the onset of flow or 1 day prior to the expected onset of the headache and continuing for the duration of menstruation.

Since hepatic metabolism plays a significant role in mefenamic acid elimination, patients with known liver deficiency may be prescribed lower doses. Kidney deficiency may also cause accumulation of the drug and its metabolites in the excretory system. Therefore patients suffering from renal conditions should not be prescribed mefenamic acid.

Mefenamic Acid Pellets Systematic (IUPAC) Name Mefenamic Acid Pellets Identifiers Mefenamic Acid Pellets Chemical data
2-(2,3-dimethylphenyl)aminobenzoic acid
  • CAS number : 61-68-7
  • PubChem : CID 4044
  • ChemSpider : 3904
  • UNII : 367589PJ2C
  • DrugBank : APRD0073
  • KEGG : D00151
  • ChEMBL : CHEMBL686
  • ATC code : M01AG01
  • Formula : C15H15NO2
  • Mol. mass : 241.285 g/mol

We supply Mefenamic Acid in pellets form and granules form. Our Mefenamic Acid Pellets can be used in a variety of Pharmaceutical applications like It can be used in tablets and capsules.

We also offer Sustained Release(SR) / Immediate Release (IR) and Enteric Coated (EC) Mefenamic Acid Pellets.

Umang pharmatech has the capability to manufacture Mefenamic Acid Pellets of various particle sizes.

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