Trazodone Pellets
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Trazodone Pellets

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Trazodone is an antidepressant of the serotonin antagonist and reuptake inhibitor (SARI) class.

It is a phenylpiperazine compound. Trazodone also has anxiolytic, and hypnotic effects.

Trazodone has considerably less prominent anticholinergic (dry mouth, constipation, tachycardia) and sexual side effects than most of the tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs).

Trazodone Pellets Systematic (IUPAC) Name Trazodone Pellets Identifiers Trazodone Pellets Chemical data
  • CAS number : 19794-93-5
  • PubChem : CID 5533
  • IUPHAR ligand : 213
  • ChemSpider : 5332
  • UNII : YBK48BXK30
  • DrugBank : APRD00533
  • KEGG : D08626
  • ChEMBL : CHEMBL621
  • ATC code : N06AX05
  • Formula : C19H22ClN5O
  • Mol. mass : 371.864 g/mol

We supply Trazodone in pellets form and granules form. Our Trazodone Pellets can be used in a variety of Pharmaceutical applications like It can be used in tablets and capsules.

We also offer Sustained Release(SR) / Immediate Release (IR) and Enteric Coated (EC) Trazodone Pellets.

Umang pharmatech has the capability to manufacture Trazodone Pellets of various particle sizes.

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